Apple announces new iPad Pros, redesigned regular iPad, and updated Apple TV 4K

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Tim Cook, CEO, Apple
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Applenew versions of its iPad Pros and a new version of the Apple TV 4K on Tuesday.

As in recent years, the company will sell two sizes of the iPads, including an 11-inch model and a larger 12.9-inch model with a nicer screen.

The big change to the iPad Pro is a new M2 processor, which is the same one that was introduced in the MacBook Air earlier this year. It’s faster than the M1 processor used in the last model of the iPad Pro that was introduced in 2021.

The launches give Apple more new gadgets to sell ahead of the important holiday shopping season. The new tablets may help the company boost its iPad sales, which dipped 14% during Apple’s last holiday quarter and 2% during the most recent quarter. And they join Apple’s latest iPhone 14, two new Apple Watches and brand new AirPods Pro.

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